First Time Visit

We're happy that you are interested in visiting EPIC Church Red Deer.  Our program begins at 10:15am with Group Discussion.  Here we meet in a small group style setting and discuss issues of faith and real life through the lens of the Bible.  We are following the iBelieveBible curriculum.  At 11:15am, we have our Worship Service.  At this time we meet in a seminar style format.  We sing worship songs, have a short story and listen to an inspirational message.  The program is followed by vegetarian potluck at 12:30pm where we sit around and chat.  In the afternoon we often have an outreach program.  For more details on the outreach planned, please visit our Facebook page.  Dress is casual or business casual.  Children are welcome.  We have a special program just for them from 10:15-11am.