RE-Opening Strategy

After a long time away, Epic is re-opening!  June 27, you are invited to join us for a worship experience at our downtown location starting at 11:15am.  

What to expect: 

1. Social distancing, 2 metres. 

2. Attendance sheet: providing your personal information is voluntary.  We will only keep this for 2 weeks.  This information will only be used in the event of COVID-19 contact tracing

3. Masks available to those who wish to use them. 

4. Hand Sanitizer stations

5. Disinfecting high contact areas, doorknobs.

6. No Shared meals 

7. Hugs will be replaced with the classic head nod or respectful bow.  

8. Plexiglass is going up in certain places, etc.  

We want to ensure that everyone stays safe and we can once again experience person in person community.