You may have heard about the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. It seems to be all the news is mentioning in the last 24 hours.


With a pandemic perspective, our leadership team at Epic has been monitoring the situation closely.  The health and safety of our Epic family, including volunteers and visitors, is our main priority.  In light of recent updates in Red Deer, we will be moving all of our worship gatherings online.  We hope that you will join us in streaming this Saturday as we continue our series, “I Want a Movie Life,” exploring modern parables.  Bonus: this series might offer you a couple of recommendations for further entertainment while practicing the ever-important responsibility of social distancing… #silverlining   


We don’t want to forget our kids, please check out the video clips and resources for the Beginners program at


Our worship will start this Saturday at 11:15am, on our YouTube page. Look for , “Epic Red Deer.”